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Best Vehicles to Sleep in at Festivals

As festival season gets into full swing, you may be thinking about your accommodation and moving on from camping in a cold tent. Most festivals, including small local ones, will allow for vehicles to be brought into the grounds. They may charge slightly more for a camper van or other vehicle in which you intend to sleep in, but this could very much be worth it.

VW Camper

First introduced in 1950, the Volkswagen Camper has become an iconic vehicle with a hippy connotation. Therefore it is the perfect way to arrive at a festival and where to get some shut eye. There are a variety of businesses that are now catching on to the craze and renting the camper vans out after restoring them to their former glory. Some even have mini kitchens so you can prepare a hearty breakfast after a night of enjoying the entertainment.

Honda Element

For the types who aren’t concerned about much more than having a place to sleep, the Honda Element is perfect. It has the space, the functionality but if we're honest not much more. It simply means that on the final day of the festival you can return your seat to upright position and drive away. Don't worry, it isn't completely slumming it, the seats do lie flat to make 2 thin beds next to each other, so you can enjoy a cosy night being probably a lot warmer than in a standard tent.

Explorer Camper

If there are a few of you going to the festival, what better way to get your heads down than in a fully equipped and comfortable camper van such as the Explorer. Vehicles such as these can sleep up to 7 people and sometimes more, so you would simply need to split the cost of the camp site permit. Complete with beds, fridge, cooker, sink and bathroom, this type of camper is great for the festival goer who isn't so keen on the festival tradition of not showering for the weekend and leaving covered in mud and alcohol.

If your car isn't quite equipped for a festival and you are thinking 'I want to scrap my car', get in touch with us here at Damaged Car Buyers. We can take it off your hands so that you can start searching for that ideal festival-friendly vehicle.