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Best Vehicles to Sleep in at Festivals

As festival season gets into full swing, you may be thinking about your accommodation and moving on from camping in a cold tent. Most festivals, including small local ones, will allow for vehicles to be brought into the grounds. They may charge slightly more for a camper van or other vehicle in which you intend to sleep in, but this could very much be worth it.

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Five Funniest Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance can be something of a bind; a monthly expense that must be paid, but hopefully never needed. However, it can turn into a blessing, especially when you vehicle is damaged through no fault of your own. Most insurance claims are straightforward and easily dealt with, but the following five cases are bound to have raised an eyebrow or two as they worked their way through the insurance claim system.

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Amazing Auto Facts

Over the years, changes to the automotive industry have led to research into some random areas, producing some great facts. We have compiled a list of our favourites, purely for your entertainment. Plus, you can tell these to your friends or work colleagues to make you look like you know far more than you actually do!

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Electric vs Petrol

With such an emphasis on climate change and the ways in which we should be tackling the problem, many people are now turning to electric cars to do their bit for the environment. As petrol prices reach all time highs, would it be better to invest in an electric car? Or actually are they just too ugly and too inconvenient to handle?

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Look No Hands! The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Does the thought of your daily commute to the office fill you with dread? Does the mere idea of changing gear leave you cold? Perhaps getting behind the wheel is nothing more than a chore that has to be endured to enable you to get from A to B. Never fear, as things could be quite different for the motorists of the future, especially if Nissan have anything to do with it.

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