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Look No Hands! The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Does the thought of your daily commute to the office fill you with dread? Does the mere idea of changing gear leave you cold? Perhaps getting behind the wheel is nothing more than a chore that has to be endured to enable you to get from A to B. Never fear, as things could be quite different for the motorists of the future, especially if Nissan have anything to do with it.


With their recent pledge to produce a self-driving car as early as 2020, the Japanese carmaker has jumped on the increasingly busy bandwagon towards a driver-less future. No longer the stuff of science fiction, Nissan believe that a self-driving car is a viable, marketable product which could be with us within a mere seven years – and when you look at the cars of today, it isn’t as difficult to believe as it might seem at first.


For years now, cars have been growing in intelligence, with everything from your headlights to your window wipers to your position on the road being controlled by the vehicle you are driving. As driving becomes increasingly automated a future where your daily commute is spent catching up on sleep or reading your morning newspaper draws ever-closer.


Industry observers have highlighted Google’s 2010 move of creating a test vehicle which could be driven by a nearly-blind motorist as the turning point in the journey towards self-driving cars, as where Google goes, others undoubtedly follow. Now, as Nissan throw their hat into the ring with a promise to get us (not) driving within the next decade, things are getting even more exciting for the motorist who prefers napping to navigating through the morning traffic. The thing to remember is, when you do want to sell a broken car and switch to a fancy, self-driving model, make sure that you come to Damaged Car Buyers first!